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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Voyager 815/855: Indicator Lights and Tones

The table below reflects indicator light and tonal responses to certain actions:
 Action Light  Tone 
Charging  Solid Red None
Fully Charged None None
Low Battery Triple Red Flash
Every 10 Seconds
3 High Tones
Every 10 Seconds
Pairing Flashes Red
and Blue
1 Low Tone
Paired Flashes Blue 1 Low Tone
Turning On Solid Blue
for 2 Seconds
Ascending Tones
Incoming Call 3 Blue Flashes
Every 2 Seconds
3 Low Tones
Every 2 Seconds
Standby None None
Call in Progress 1 Blue Flash
Every 2 Seconds
Missed Call 3 Purple Flashes
Every 10 Seconds
Out of Range None 1 High Tone
Back in Range None 1 Low Tone
Turning Mute On None 1 Low-High tone
Mute is Active None 1 Low Tone
Every 60 Seconds
Unmute None 1 High-Low Tone
Turning Off Solid Red
for 4 Seconds
Descending Tones