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Last Modified Date: 08/11/2022
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APA-2/APA-20/APA-23 (Alcatel Lucent EHS Cable) Product Information

Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cables provide communication between your phone and Poly headset, enabling you to answer and end your calls using your headset call control button.
Installation Instructions
Compatibility Information
EHS cables are designed to work with specific phone models and Poly products. The table below provides the compatibility information for the APA-2, APA-20, and APA-23.
EHS Cable Warranty Phone Make and Model Compatible Poly Product
Part No. 38348-01
2 years Alcatel Touch
  • 4029
  • 4039
Alcatel IP Touch
  • 4028
  • 4038
  • 4068

CS Series:
  • CS50
  • CS55
  • CS70/CS70N
  • CS351N
  • CS361N
Part No. 37819-01
2 years Same as above CS500 Series:
  • CS510
  • CS520
  • CS530
  • CS540
Savi 700 Series:
  • W710
  • W720
  • W730
  • W740
  • W745
Savi Office:
  • WO100
  • WO200
  • WO300
  • WO350
Part No. 38908-11
2 years Same as above Same as above
* The difference between the APA-20 and APA-23 is that the APA-23 includes a connector for your online indicator (OLI) light.