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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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H and P Series Headset Date Code Location

Supra Models H51, H61, H51N, and H61N

Polaris Models P51, P61, P51N, and P61N

StarSet Models H31 and H31N

Polaris Models P31 and P31N

Mirage Models H41 and H41N

Polaris Models P41


Tristar Models H81 and H81N (Headset or QD)

Polaris Models P81 and P81N


DuoSet Models H141 and H141N

Polaris Models P141 and P141N


DuoPro Models H151, H151N, H161, H161N, H171, H171N, H181, and H181N

Polaris Models P151, P151N, P161, P161N, P171, P171N, P181, and P181N

  Encore Models H91, H91N, H101, and H101N

Polaris Models P91, P91N, P101, and P101N


Encore Pro Models HW291N and HW301N

  Encore Pro date code location

SupraPlus Models H251, H251N, H261, and H261N

Polaris Models P251, P251N, P261, and P261N


SupraPlus SL Models H351, H351N, H361, and H361N

Polaris Models P351, P351N, P361, and P361N