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Last Modified Date: 08/12/2022
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MX500i Product Information

MX500i.PNG MX500i 3-in-1 Headset Headset can be used:
  1. With PCs for Internet calls using the provided USB adapter
  2. With cordless phones using the 2.5mm jack
  3. With most mobile phones that have a 2.5mm jack
General Features
  • Cable length:3.9 ft. 
  • WindSmart microphone reduces unwanted wind or fast motion noise when moving quickly.
  • Clear sound for Internet and other calls, unique design, comfortable style for all-day wear.
  • USB adapter included for Internet phones. Also works with cordless, VIP, and most mobile phones.
  • Simple plug and play, no drivers needed.
  • Lightweight, under-the-ear Flex Grip design.
  • Easily adjust volume and mute with one-touch controls, perfect for a noisy home environment.
  • Single-ear design enables side conversations and listening to your surroundings while working.
  • Exceptionally clear sound for Internet, cordless and mobile calls.
Part Numbers
  • 72517-01 - MX500i (English version)
  • 72517-03 - MX500i (Multi-language version)