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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Voyager 510-USB Audio

You can use the Voyager 510-USB/.Audio 910 with any softphone:
  • NOTE: You must manually enable audio to the headset when you want to use it. Also, you cannot answer and end calls by pressing the headset's button; instead, you must use the on-screen controls of your softphone.
To enable audio: Press the call control button on the headset (on the end of the microphone boom). When the link is not connected, the light on the USB adapter glows solid blue. When you press the call control button, the light on the adapter starts to flash blue. This indicates the link is open and you can now communicate audio. Likewise, to close the link, press the call control button again. The light on the adapter will go back to a solid blue. TIP: Keep the link closed when you don’t need it to increase your talk and standby time.