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Article ID: 000029845
Last Modified Date: 08/23/2022
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H and P Series Headsets: Feature Control/In-line Mute Switches

The feature control switch (PN 43548-01) offers momentary mute (push-to-mute) and call answer/end features. It can be used with the H series headsets, Polaris headsets, or in conjunction with any other adapter.
  • To Install: Unsnap the Quick Disconnect (QD) and insert the mute switch between the two cables.
  • To Mute: Press and hold the control switch (towards the half circle).
When used with Mitel phones, this switch also provides the following features:
  • Answering calls (momentarily push and release the control switch)
  • Ending calls (momentarily push and release the control switch)
Please note that the in-line mute switch (PN 27708-01) offers a soft, click-over mute rather than a momentary mute (push-to-mute).  This in-line mute switch is only compatible with H-series headsets.