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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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New Spare Battery Shipment Regulation Takes Effect April 1, 2016

Effective immediately and until further notice, Plantronics cannot ship spare batteries by air. The batteries affected are:
  • 64399-01 - SPARE,BATTERY, CS50/CS60
  • 64399-03 - SPARE,BATTERY, CS351/CS361/CS60/WH300/WH350
  • 80322-01 - SPARE,BATTERY PACK, CA12CD
  • 84598-01 - SPARE,BATTERY, WH500/W440/W740/W745
  • 86180-01 – SPARE, BATTERY, CS540
  • 88016-01 - SPARE,BATTERY, CS540
  • 89305-01 - SPARE,BATTERY PACK, 930MaH, R3
  • 204755-01 - SPARE BATTERY WITH SWITCH, WH500/W440/W445/W740/W745
  • 202599-03 - SPARE,BATTERY, CS510/CS520/W710/W720
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council has approved new international regulations applicable to air shipments of lithium ion batteries, which state that only spare batteries that have a 30 percent or less state of charge can be shipped via air. Note that batteries that are installed in products are not affected by this regulation change.

The spare batteries that Plantronics currently has in stock have between a 45 and 50 percent state of charge, which means we cannot ship them by air. We have ordered new batteries that meet the 30 percent or less state of charge requirements, and are working to get them into inventory. The new spare battery packaging will come with a Cargo Aircraft Only label to indicate that it is safe to ship by air.