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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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How to remove the ear cushions or ear tips on your Plantronics headset.

Most Plantronics headsets include ear tips or ear cushions that can be removed and fall into one of the following categories:

Headsets with r ubber ear tips
You can remove the ear tip by pulling and twisting it gently away from the headset or by gently pulling the ear stabilizer away from the headset until the ear tip is out.

Headsets with washer lock ear tips
You can remove the ear tip by gently pushing it into the speaker housing, then rotate it to the left to unlock it and pull the ear tip away from the headset. To install a new one, align the tabs on the ear tip with the slots on the speaker housing then push the ear tip into the housing while turning it to the right. The ear tip will stop rotating when it is locked.

Headsets with leatherette/foam ear cushions
You can remove the ear cushions by simply slipping them out with the help of your fingers. Insert a new one by gently stretching the ear cushion until it fits the speaker of the headset.


Headsets with ear cups on a hard-plastic frame
You can remove the ear cups of the headset by pulling out the ear cup frame with your fingers or using a non-sharp object between the ear cushion and the ear cup. After it's popped apart, remove the entire ear cushion off. To install an ear cushion on the frame remove the existing one and install the new cushion in by stretching and aligning the fabric with the frame. WIth the new ear cushion installed, align the frame to the speaker of the headset, press them together until you hear a click.

 Note that some models are exceptions to this rule. Those models have specific instructions to remove the ear cushions in their user guides