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BackBeat PRO Troubleshooting: No Audio in Headset



I don't hear any voice prompts, tones, or audio in the headset. How can I fix this?


If you do not hear prompts, tones, or audio in the headset, verify that the sensors are calibrated properly:
  1. Fold the ear cups down flat, perpendicular to the head band.
  2. Place the headset on a non-metallic flat surface with the speakers facing down.
  3. Plug the headset into a power source for 11 seconds using the USB cable.
  4. Unplug the headset from the power source.
  5. Test the headset. Verify audio, tones, beeps, voice prompts have returned by testing the following:
    • Play music from the phone’s media player, then take off the headset. The music should pause. Put the headset on again. The music should resume.
    • Start a call while wearing the headset, then take off the headset. The audio should switch from the headset to the phone. Put the headset on again. The call audio should return to the headset.