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Software and Services

Last Updated: April 18th, 2018


Your use of Plantronics' software and services, including cloud-based services offerings, is governed by certain rights and obligations that can vary depending on the services provided. Some of these rights and obligations may be common to all offerings ("Common Terms"); others supplement or amend the common rights and obligations as appropriate for the specific services and/or the website(s) through which they are provided ("Supplemental Terms"). The term "Website Terms" refers collectively to the Common Terms and Supplemental Terms.


The Plantronics online services to which the Website Terms currently apply ("Applicable Services Offerings") are:

Plantronics Manager – A software solution that allows enterprises to streamline audio device management with on premise data storage.

Plantronics Manager Pro – Plantronics Manager with additional commercially available data set(s).

Plantronics Habitat Soundscaping – A biophilic acoustic management service that allows enterprises to maintain, control and provide access to select hardware components, visual elements, and algorithms.

Other services offerings may be added from time to time as they become commercially available.


For each of the Applicable Services Offerings, the common set of terms and conditions ("Common Terms") available at the hyperlinks below apply: Terms of Use

Plantronics Software and Services Privacy Policy

Plantronics Terms of Service

Plantronics Application End User License Agreement


In addition to the Common Terms, the following specific supplemental service terms and conditions ("Supplement Terms") apply to the Applicable Services Offerings identified below: (click on the Applicable Service Offering to view the Supplement Terms):

Plantronics Manager and Plantronics Manager Pro

Poly Lens

Other Plantronics product, software and services offerings many contain terms and conditions applicable to their specific requirements. Please be certain to review the terms and conditions for each carefully. If you are uncertain or have other questions, please contact the Plantronics One Customer Care Team.

This page is provided for your convenience as an overview of the terms and conditions that govern the purchase and use of Plantronics' cloud-based services offerings. Ancillary services, software, and content, may be governed by additional or different terms not listed above. Plantronics reserves the right to revise the information contained in this document at any time, with or without notice, in its sole discretion.