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Voyager Pro UC (B230/B230-M): How to Reset the Sensors

This procedure explains how to reset the sensors on the Voyager Pro UC (B230/B230-M).
There are two methods for resetting the sensors:
  • The "lollipop" method, which is appropriate if you're on the go
  • A full reset, which is the recommended method
To reset the sensors using the "lollipop" method:
Hold the headset by the microphone (like a lollipop, as shown below) for five seconds.

Image of the proper positioning for performing a 'lollipop' reset of the Voyager Pro UC sensors
To perform a full reset of the sensors:
  1. Connect the headset to its charger.
  2. Place the headset on a flat, nonmetallic surface for 10 seconds.