Perils of the Open Office #72


Co-workers on wheels + cheering and high-fiving = Productivity crash.

Office mayhem can bring work to a screeching halt. Tune it all out with a headset that’s specifically designed for the open office. So you won’t hear the woo-hooing behind you—and neither will people on the other end of your call. Now that’s a win.

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So Many Perils. So Many Solutions.

Open offices are often loud, chaotic, and full of distractions that keep your team from getting work done. That’s where we come in, with solutions that avert open office perils.


The best headsets for your open office

Good news for open office workers. Poly headsets help teams tune out chaos with active noise canceling + noise blocking microphone technology—so people on both ends of the call can hear what matters.

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99% of workers
are distracted

This is the reality for more than 5,000 office workers around the world that we surveyed this year. More than a third of them are always or very often distracted. Yikes. Learn more about the problem and the solutions in our eBook.

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Join us for a deeper dive in our upcoming Take Action on Open Office Distractions Webinar on July 31, 2019, 10AM–11AM PT. HR expert Jeanne Meister and our own CIO Paul Johnson will discuss the impacts on teams and how technology can help—with live Q&A.

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