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Voyager 4200 UC Firmware Release Notes

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Version 522
May 2020

What's new

  • Voice prompts for Incoming call and volume maximum/minimum can now be disabled via Plantronics Hub for desktop (requires version > 3.17) and Plantronics Manager Pro
  • Independent receive volume levels are now possible between media and telephony modes.

Version  447
October 2019

What's new
  • Audio over USB cable – the headset can now be used as a corded headset. You can now continue to use the corded mode, the Bluetooth radio is disabled further reducing the impact of interference for other nearby users. 

Version 307
June 2019
What's new
  • Help locate your lost headset with new Find With Tile support
Resolved Issues
  • Occasional lip-sync issues while watching videos
Version 271

What's new:
  • Implement Amazon Alexa feature that allows users to ask questions and get answers from Amazon's Alexa App through the Voyager 4200
  • Increased maximum receive volume
Resolved Issues
  •  Fixed issue where Plantronics Hub displayed incorrect Talk Time Remaining for headset
  • Resolve compatibility issue with Mitel 6930/6940 desk phones, where headset cannot be repaired with desk phones after the desk phone is rebooted

Version 43

What's New
  • Initial Release