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Last Modified Date: 08/15/2022
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Savi 440/Savi 700 Series/CS500 Series Troubleshooting: Headset Vibrating

I hear a vibrating noise in my Savi 700 series/Savi 440/CS500 series headset that sounds like a motor boat. Can this be fixed?
This is a known issue with the headset. Plantronics has worked on a fix and released the firmware for Savi 700 and Savi 440.  A firmware update for Savi 700 and Savi 440 is available from the Plantronics Update Manager in Spokes 2.7.

Savi 700 Series Models
All Savi 700 models shipped after November 5, 2012 have the latest firmware. The firmware versions that include the fix are
  • Headset - 19.41
  • Base - 19.84
  • USB - 165
Savi 440
Savi 440 with 118 firmware started shipping from December 10, 2012. For Savi 440 headset systems, the firmware versions that include the fix are
  • USB - 118
  • USB adapter - 19.44
  • Headset - 19.41.
CS500 Series Models
CS500 models with date code L3 (Dec 2013) or newer include the fix.

NOTE: Spokes software has been discontinued. Please use the Poly Lens app if you need to check for firmware updates.
on these models. To download the Lens app, please
click here.