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Voyager 5200 Firmware Release Notes

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Version 508
March 2020

What's new
  • Microsoft Teams certification – pressing headset button will now invoke the Microsoft Teams desktop application
  • Update company branding in USB descriptors to Poly

Resolved Issue
  • Mute synchronization issues when connected to two devices

Version 464

What's new
  • Amazon Alexa allows users to ask questions and get answers from Amazon's Alexa App through the Voyager 5200*. Requires version >3.15 of Plantronics Hub for iOS/Android.
  • Help locate your lost headset with new Find With Tile. Requires version >3.15 of Plantronics Hub for iOS/Android.
*With the firmware update complete, Alexa can be accessed via a single press of the Mute button when not on a call.  Important:  Siri and Google Now access have moved to the Call Button; press the Call Button for 2 seconds for access when not on a call.

Resolved Issue
  • With Plantronics Hub displaying incorrect talk time remaining for headset
  • Compatibility issue with Mitel 6930/6940 desk phones, where headset cannot be repaired with desk phones after the desk phone is rebooted

Version 246
April 2018
What’s New:
  • Improved Answer/Ignore experience by enabling Voice Recognition as soon as prompt begins
  • Updated Mandarin voice prompt phrase for "ignore"
  • Added support for Plantronics Manager Pro with Plantronics Hub for iOS and Android
Resolved Issues
  • Play and pause button functionality on desktop media players
  • Japanese voice prompt for battery status
  • Improved PC call audio when in multi-point
Version 164 
What’s New
  • Support for Plantronics Manager Pro Reports: Conversation Details, Link Quality and Acoustic Events
  • Headset now displays blue LED with a successful firmware update
Resolved Issues
  • Updated Answer or Ignore Voice Prompts in Russian
  • Battery events in hub and Android were inconsistent
  • Fixed issue where HS LED will flash when battery critical status even the HS is power off
  • Fixed an issue  where volume would jump to a higher volume after paused for a longer time
Version 135
What's New
  • Added support for Korean text to speech.
  • Added ability to configure voice prompt when answering call.
  • Added new voice prompts for battery time.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed issues to improve caller experience.
Version 117
What's New
  • Improved Plantronics Hub application integration with headset, especially when headset connected to two Bluetooth devices.
    1. Headset-application reconnection reliability
    2. More robust Over-The-Air (OTA) interrupt-handling, such as headset out-of-range/back-in-range of Plantronics Hub-running device.
  • Improved headset battery level reporting in headset and in Plantronics Hub.
  • Increased headset battery life while headset connected to Plantronics BT600 Bluetooth adapter and computer-based Plantronics Hub application.
  • Call audio quality enhancements
    1. Transmit volume increased
    2. Improved transmit noise handling and fade resistance
    3. Increased volume auto-boost of receive audio higher than background noise volume
    4. Ability to power-off/on headset in quiet environment to custom-calibrate headset mics to user wearing style and calling environment.
  • Improved wearing state detection (i.e. on-ear vs. off-ear) and sensor setting control.
  • Better compatibility with Huawei devices, especially Huawei Nexus 6P.
  • Improved headset handling of computer-based softphone dial tone.
Version 38

What's New
  • Initial Release