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Poly Lens Insights to make you smarter and management easier

  • Easy account access with role-based permissions
  • Simple device onboarding of one or many devices within minutes
  • All-in-one app for your users' collaboration devices
  • Locate and filter devices with a global device inventory interactive map
  • Intelligent newsfeeds to monitor connection status and device health


Better visibility, insights and decisions.

Keep employee devices up, running, and ready for action

Poly Lens makes collaboration better for your employees no matter where they work or the compatible device they choose. What you get is better line of sight on device health and adoption rates. And oh yeah, less help-desk tickets. Did we mention simple? You can quickly get started remotely provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting from a single pane of glass. And since Poly Lens is cloud-based, it'll scale with you, maintaining security without all that heavy overhead of traditional IT management.

Management is a slam dunk

Centralized control at your fingertips

Controlling your entire voice, video, and headset estate just got a whole lot easier. Easy account access, quick onboarding, and policy-based provisioning saves you time and effort. Providing a consistent level of software results in better user experiences and easier troubleshooting.  Repeat: Consistent. Better. Easier. You're three for three.

Actionable insights that matter

Show them your IT superpowers

Get the software that gives you superhuman visibility into modern workspaces across the entire organization, with a spotlight on how devices are being used. You'll make a real impact in support and future investment planning through intelligent newsfeeds that aggregate raw data into insights that show system trends of offline, online, in-use and more.

Lower operational cost

Cloud-powered without the heavy IT lift

Forget about the heavy overhead that came with traditional ways of buying, powering and maintaining servers. With Poly Lens, you can scale for thousands without sacrificing security. Now you're free to focus on the big stuff.

Make it personal

Customize your personal device to how you like to work

Poly Lens Desktop is a single app for customizing your compatible personal devices to how you work. Staying up to date with the latest software is just a click away. You'll also have access to product guides, room setup and support, right at your fingertips. And with built-in wellness and nature sounds, you'll have better focus and peace of mind, so you'll look and sound great. Not to mention smarter.


Poly Lens Documentation and More

Visit this link to read the latest documentation, check service status, and supported device documentation.

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Try Poly Lens now

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