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EncorePro 500 Series Customer Service Headset

  • Hear and be heard with incredible clarity
  • Count on impressive durability and reliability
  • Enjoy all day comfort and effortless control


The headset for call center heroes

This is where your brand meets your customer. Give representatives and their customers the great experience they hope for with our Plantronics EncorePro 500 Series headsets. Renowned for their superior audio quality and exceptional durability, this family combines premium design with great comfort to deliver our best-selling contact center headset. And with the EncorePro 510 and 520, you’ve got options on wearing style and sound.

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Built for Compatibility

All Poly USB contact center solutions are compatible with the most popular voice platforms – we just work. Poly solutions provide excellent audio quality for you and your customer – no matter your platform of choice.

Poly is certified (when offered) with all major communication platforms. 


EncorePro 500 Features


  • Connects to
    • PC or desk phone with Poly audio processors or cables
    • Telephone-intensive users, including formal customer care centers, and customer service organizations
    • Wideband audio (up to 6,800 Hz), noise canceling microphone
    • SoundGuard technology, acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above 118 dBA
    • EncorePro 520, Over-the-head, Binaural, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 510, Over-the-head, Monaural, Voice Tube (P/N )
    • EncorePro 510, Over-the-head, Monaural, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 520, Over-the-head, Binaural, Voice Tube (P/N )
    • EncorePro 530, Over-the-ear, Monaural (P/N )
    • EncorePro 540, Convertible (P/N )
    • EncorePro 545, Convertible, Monaural, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 535, Over-the-ear, Monaural, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 525 Over-the-head, Stereo, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 515, Over-the-head, Monaural, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 520 Digital, Over-the-head, Binaural, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 510 Digital, Over-the-head, Monaural, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 530 Digital, Over-the-ear, monaural, noise cancelling (P/N )
    • EncorePro 540 Digital, Convertible, Monaural, Noise-Canceling (P/N )
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Acoustic Protection

EncorePro 500 Series features Soundguard to protect against acoustic shock by limiting sounds to below 118dBA

Learn More
Experience the high audio quality of Poly’s EncorePro 500 Series even when wearing a mask

If you or your employees need to wear a mask while working, you may be concerned about how clear you sound on a call. The design of Poly’s EncorePro 500 Series ensures your voice remains clear while you comply with local safety requirements.

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