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RealPresence Distributed Media Application (DMA) Intelligent call control engine managing video across the distributed workforce

  • Scalability architected to meet enterprise needs
  • Reliability and redundant systems you can count on
  • Interoperability across devices and protocols maximizing your investment
  • Firewall traversal ensuring no one is left out of the conversation


Demanding environment? Challenge met.

Distributed Media Application (DMA) is a network-based software application that manages and distributes calls across collaboration networks. Utilizing intelligent algorithms, DMA dynamically routes calls throughout the secured network based on priority, class of service, resource availability and network outage with highly efficient load balancing and virtualization of bridging resources. 

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Poly video solutions make meetings a breeze. Use cloud video apps for a full experience with all the features you know and love. Or use standards-based SIP and H.323 compatibility to connect to different cloud video services throughout your day. 

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Having the opportunity to remove the impediment that distance represents, and bringing people together so they can resolve issues and begin to work collaboratively, is really important.

Diana Scott , Prologis Chief Human Resources Officer



  • Highlights
    • Redundant/fault tolerant application clusters
    • Cluster/supercluster configuration
    • Geographical distribution of application cluster
    • Geographic distribution of media/ content servers
    • Access proxy
    • Firewall/NAT traversal
    • Combined edge and core combo configuration for all core conferencing and firewall traversal needs on one device
    • Auto-cascade for size and bandwidth
    • Automatic call routing using H.323/SIP
    • API Suite for provisioning, billing and conference management
    • RealPresence® Resource Manager/RealPresence DMA share bridge resources
    • Automatic SIP conference failover
    • Unified communications support
    • Configurable conference templates
    • Configurable group policies
    • Support for RealPresence® Web Suite
    • Support of multiple dial plans
    • HTML5 user interface for administration
    • Point-to-point call to VMR escalation (works with RealPresence® Group Series v6.1.5 or higher)
    • Simplified deployment options for ContentConnect™ using the DMA MatchMaker load balancer
    • SIP and H.323 remote users (registered/ provisioned endpoints)
    • SIP and H.323 guest users (unregistered/ unprovisioned endpoints)
    • SIP and H.323 business-to-business calling
    • RTP/SRTP media relay
    • HTTP(S) tunneling
    • AVC and SVC support
    • LDAP/H.350 directory
    • XMPP presence
    • HTTPS/XML provisioning
    • TLS security
    • WebRTC
    • E.164 dialing
    • H.323 audio/video
    • SIP audio/video support
    • PSTN/ISDN audio/video via RealPresence® Collaboration Server 2000/4000
    • Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP)
    • Scalable Video Coding (SVC)
    • IPv6
    • VLAN
    • Supports full redundancy with automatic failover
    • Cluster and super cluster configurations for full redundancy with automatic failover throughout the network
    • License pooling across clusters
    • Support for NIC bonding
    • High system availability
      • Duplicate application servers (clusters)
      • Geographically distributed application clusters
      • Replicated databases
      • Synchronized data updates and call processing
      • Mix and match appliance and virtual machine for high availability
    • Media server and dynamic resource (port) management
      • Multiple routing policies: zone-based, least used, priority
      • Media server management
    • Supports up to 64 RealPresence Collaboration Servers and Cisco Telepresence MCU
    • Single cluster (node) supports:
      • Registrations: 15,000
      • Point to point concurrent calls: 5,000
      • VMR concurrent calls: SIP = 2,400, H.323 = 1,200
    • Supercluster (up to 10 servers in a cluster) supports:
      • Registrations: 150,000
      • Point to point concurrent calls: 50,000 -- VMR concurrent calls: SIP = 7,200, H.323 = 3,600
    • DMA in edge configuration supports:
      • Up to 1,000 concurrent calls
    • Linux operating system
    • Integration with existing IT access control mechanisms (e.g., Microsoft Active Directory)
    • Lock-down of all nonessential services
    • Does not provide or affect Assured Services Features (ASFs)
    • Access List (ACL)
    • SIP registrar
    • SIP proxy
    • H.323 gatekeeper
    • 500 concurrent SIP/H.323 GW calls
    • IPv4/IPv6 – H.323 and SIP
    • Network bandwidth management
    • Priority-based routing
    • Advanced dial plan management (numerous dial options/flat dial plan/ MCU prefix dialing/ISDN gateway dialing/ prefix dialing/ one dial)
    • Flexible call models – Ad hoc dial in, dial out, scheduled calls via RealPresence Resource Manager API
    • Web-based, real-time dashboard for network administration
    • Real-time data updates on capacity and system information
    • Capacity histogram of high water daily port utilization
    • Policy-based device/resource controls
    • API suite for provisioning, billing and conference management
    • Auto accounts and conference room creation when using corporate Microsoft Active Directory
    • Logging, alarming, notification and audit records for troubleshooting, diagnostics and reporting
    • SNMP v3 network management
    • Quick initial configuration
    • HTML5 administrator interface
    • RealPresence Platform solution design
      • Design the right deployment plan for your environment
    • Video network readiness services
      • Prepare your network for reliable, highquality video service
    • Remote implementation services
      • Deploy smoothly and efficiently
    • User adoption services
      • Increase usage through training and awareness
    • Support services
      • Access features and enhancements as released, reduce downtime
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