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poly Studio Room Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms Any size team. Any location. All together.

Make hybrid meetings. Simple.

Whether it’s a group huddle or an all-staff meeting, just a few remote attendees or mostly virtual, Poly Studio Room Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms bring everyone together. The complete solution comes fully equipped with Poly AI-driven audio and video technologies, a compact collaboration PC, and easy-to-use touch controller, so your experience is seamless.


Poly Focus Room Kit + HP Mini Conferencing PC with Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Poly Studio Small Room Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly Small Room Kit + HP Mini Conferencing PC with Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Poly Studio Medium Room Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly Medium Room Kit + HP Mini Conferencing PC with Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Poly Studio Large Room Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly Large Room Kit + HP Mini Conferencing PC with Microsoft Teams Rooms

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My First Room 2.0!

Secure your first Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms Kit today!

Poly is delighted to offer our customers and prospects a unique, one-time discount on their FIRST Microsoft Teams Room solution on Windows or Android.

Create more immersive and inclusive calls

Tech should just work, so your team can do the same. Poly audio and video innovations blur the walls between the meeting space and wherever your WFH (or airport, or coffee shop, or parking lot) attendees join from. The advanced artificial intelligence-driven technologies naturally adjust to meeting participants and the flow of conversation, in the room and on the call. So your team can truly participate from any place. 

Keep the conversation in focus

Make it clear who is in the room and who is speaking. Poly DirectorAI provides a full view of all participants, while automatically tracking and framing who’s presenting. So every call is up close and professional. Even better? The AI-driven technology comes standard for Poly Studio, Poly Studio E70, and Poly Studio R30. 

Block sound. All around.

Filter out the tapping, barking, honking, and clanking. And let your team do the talking. Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence lift each attendee’s voice and block out the background noise inside and outside the room. 

Power your meetings with HP

Poly Studio Room Kits + HP Mini Conferencing PC with Microsoft Teams Rooms

The HP Mini Conferencing PC delivers power and performance from every angle with the latest 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7.

Empower your teams with rich, collaborative experiences across town and around the world in an instant. The HP Mini Conferencing PC with Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to work with Poly Studio Room Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

  • Setting up your conferencing space is fast and easy with the latest Intel® processor driven PC that has Microsoft Teams Rooms preinstalled
  • Get a highly secure and manageable PC that has the self-healing protection of HP Sure Start Gen7.
  • Get powerful performance from Windows IoT and the latest Intel® processor

HP Mini Conferencing PC with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

  • 12th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 (12700T)
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD

Customizable by design

So you'd like your meetings to practically run themselves, but you don't want a one-size-fits-all solution? We get that. Poly makes hybrid meetings seamless, while delivering more customization and capabilities.

Control the camera

Easily switch the camera framing mode with the touch of a finger. Choose people framing for lively conversations, speaker tracking when somebody is presenting in the room, or manually control the camera. The camera mode resets to default after each call ends, so there are no surprises for the next group starting a call.

Plug in. Present on.

Easily connect to any type of video call while enhancing the audio and video quality for your team. The optional BYOD kit lives up to the name—bring your own device to the meeting room and connect on the spot with the single USB—so everyone in the room can participate. 

Poly USB Peripherals for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows 

A wide range of Poly USB audio and video solutions certified for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

USB Audio Devices

For huddle and small rooms

For small and medium rooms

For medium to large rooms

USB Cameras

For focus rooms

For small rooms

For medium rooms

For large rooms


Simple way to utilize meeting room camera and audio devices connected to the Poly Room PC for any video conferencing app on a laptop.

Extends the distance between the Poly Room PC and the Poly GC8 touch controller.

Poly+ Support Services

Unlock the potential of the possible

Rest easy knowing Poly has your back, day or night. No one knows collaboration solutions better, especially given our expertise and alliances with leading ecosystem partners. Benefit from advance hardware replacement* wherever you need it with pre-paid next day shipping for minimal downtime. And with upgraded access to premium software, elevating your collaborative experience couldn’t be easier. Unlock the potential of the possible.  

Poly Professional Services


Poly Professional Services delivers customer success by following a proven methodology and set of best practices and expertise. Our Consultants have decades of combined experience, dozens of Microsoft certifications including MVPs and MSCEs, and broad experience to ensure your successful migration, deployment, and adoption of Microsoft Teams. You can be confident in our Consultants ability to find the optimal path best suited to your organization.  Poly can handle every aspect of your Microsoft Teams solution, from design, through implementation, ongoing operation, and utimately support.

Partner Integrations

Learn how Shure flexible audio and DSP solution and Poly video collaboration solution work together

Learn how Extron and Poly deliver scalable AV and conference control solutions

Find our resources, downloads, and software, or contact support for more assistance.

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