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Calisto P240/DCX Firmware Release Notes

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 Version 465
What's New​
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed bug that forced calls to end early using Lync 2010
  • Stability improvement when managing multiple calls on Skype for Business when Plantronics Hub is running in the background
  • Resolved issue that caused first outgoing call to drop when using Skype for Business
  • Fixed issue that, after ending an outgoing call, prevented answering incoming call
  • Corrected error that incorrectly shows caller ID from previous call
Version 461
What's New​
  • Miscellaneous audio improvements and bug fixes
Resolved Issues
  • When an active NEC SP350 call is paused using the Calisto 240 Flash/Hold button while an incoming call is ringing, the active call is dismissed
    rather than placed on hold.
  • If two calls come in simultaneously and the first call is answered and then ended, the ring notification for the second incoming call is not resumed after the active call is hung up.
 Version 451
Resolved Issues
  • Removed delay in keypress message handler 
 Version 443
What's New
  • Added option for Russian font
 Version 440
What's New
  • Corrected device's handling of rapid button presses.
Resolved Issues
  • Transmit audio stops after approximately 5 minutes into call
 Version 438
What's New
  • Call Reject function added for the Huawei DLL. Huawei DLL users will be able to reject incoming calls from the handset by pressing the call end button on the P240.
  • Call Reject function added for Spokes.
  • Pressing the End button during an incoming Lync call while on an active Lync call will now hang up the active call and keep the incoming call ringing.
Resolved Issues
  • P240 would get stuck in Power Save mode when restarting or rebooting machine. This required removing and re-inserting the headset into the computer's USB port to be fixed.
Note: This update is available for PC only.