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Savi W740/W745: How to Take Your Headset On-the-Go

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If you need to travel outside of your office, you don't have to leave your headset behind. The optional D100 USB adapter enables you to continue to use your headset with your computer wherever you need to travel. Follow the procedure below to learn how to subscribe/pair your headset to the adapter.
To subscribe/pair a headset to the USB adapter:
Tip: Ensure the headset you want to subscribe is fully charged. Image of how to subscribe the Savi W430 headset to its USB Adapter
  1. Double press the subscription button on the USB adapter. The indicator light should flash red and green.
  2. Press the volume up button on the headset for about three seconds, until the headset indicator light turns solid white. When the indicator light on the USB adapter turns solid green and the light on the headset turns off, the pairing is complete and the headset is now ready to use.
Note: If the process is not successful, the USB adapter indicator light glows solid red for four seconds and then returns to its previous state. If this occurs, try the process again.
Options for charging:
Plantronics offers the following portable charging options for when you take your headset with you when you travel:
  • 84602-01 - USB headset charger
  • 84603-01 - USB headset and spare battery charger (includes the spare battery)
Both options are available for purchase from our distributors.