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Spokes Known Issue: Unable to soft toggle audio when on incoming call

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When on an incoming call with some softphones, including Microsoft Office Communicator (OC) and Cisco WebEx, switching devices using the softphone’s audio configuration does not cause the audio to be routed to the new device if the devices being switched between are of different type (e.g., if changing from a handset to a headset).
The problem occurs with or without Spokes, and with non-Plantronics devices, so this behavior is due to the softphone and Windows.
When switching communication devices, unplug the first device before installing the new device and reconfiguring the audio.
Affected Operating System(s)
All versions of Windows
Affected Software Application(s)
Microsoft Office Communicator, Cisco WebEx, and possibly other softphones, with or without Spokes installed
Affected Hardware
All Plantronics devices
Date Raised
18 September 2012