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Savi Office: How to Switch From Phone to Computer

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Switching From a Deskphone to a Media Player With the Headset

The following instructions pertain to models WO100 ,WO200, WO101, WO201, WO300 & WO350 It depends on whether the type of audio file is supported by Plantronics Software. The supported file formats are WinAmp, Windows Media Player and iTunes.

If listening to one of these audio formats, and you get an incoming deskphone call, one tap on the call control button on the earpiece will pause the file, and activate the deskphone call.

Another tap hangs up the call and automatically resumes the audio file.

If it's not a supported audio format, you can double tap the earpiece (once to close audio file and again to answer deskphone). When the call if over, I would have to manually restart my audio files (which would have continued playing in the meantime).

This can also be done using the buttons on the top of the base.