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Smart Sensor Technology

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Smart Sensors detect whether or not you are the wearing the headset. Sensors are located in the headset body and speaker housing:

Image of the Voyager Pro HD's smart sensor locations

Smart Sensors enable you to:
  • Answer a call simply by putting on your headset.
  • Pause streaming media by removing the headset, and resume your media by putting your headset back on.
  • Transfer call audio back and forth between the phone and headset. To do so, if you are not wearing your headset and you receive a call on your mobile phone, the audio routes to the phone. Put on the headset to transfer the audio to the headset. If you are already wearing your headset and there is an incoming call, the audio will be routed to the headset. Take off the headset to transfer the audio to the phone.
Plantronics headsets featuring Smart Sensors:
  • Voyager Edge
  • Voyager Legend
  • Voyager Legend UC
  • Voyager Pro HD
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230/B230-M)
  • BackBeat PRO
  • Blackwire 500 Series
  • Blackwire 710/710-M/720/720-M