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Article ID: 000025373
Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Enable Verbose Logs

Click on Settings then go to General
Change Software Log Level to "Verbose" (Only if not set yet) and click APPLY.

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After you‘ve changed the log-level, clear the current logs.

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Please reproduce the issue with hub running in the background. The full log will be overwritten after 25 minutes! Please consider this when you export full logs from Hub.

Immediately after you‘ve reproduced the issue. Please export the logs within 25 minutes. Click on Help then click on Support 
Change the Log to "Full Log" and click on Save As 
Save the log to e.g., your desktop. (This will take some time) 

Please send the ZIP file to Plantronics Support and add any further relevant information such as:
  • Detailed issue description 
  • Steps to reproduce
  • How often does it happen (e.g., X out of 10 calls)
  • Hub Version
  • Headset type (incl. Date Codes if possible)
  • Headset Firmware Version
  • Softphone Type and Version
If you have any questions about the procedure or if you need further assistance, please contact us with your case number.