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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Skype for Business Presence Status and Plantronics Hub Interaction Explained

Plantronics has looked at primary user cases and targeted its presence support for this complicated area accordingly.  Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync provides presence status. Plantronics Hub™ for Windows v3.9.x supports this presence status via a feature called “Aware for Microsoft.” This feature provides multi-softphone presence support for a number of softphone/UC clients. This means that the user’s call status  is reflected in the Skype for Business user interface when the user is on a call on any of the softphones/UC clients and  headset that are supported by Plantronics Hub v3.9.x.  When a user ends a call, Plantronics Hub will reset the presence status. Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync uses this reset presence request, along with other Microsoft Office backend information, to update the aggregated presence status for the user.  Plantronics Hub supports many softphones/UC clients for call control. However, some of these softphones/UC clients do not expose presence or an API to control presence. Plantronics Hub does not support multi-softphone presence for these softphones/UC clients.
Softphone                                                                    Ability to update presence
Microsoft Lync 2015- v15.0.4963.1001
Microsoft Skype for Business 2016 v16.4498.1000

Product Multi-
Multi-interface Support
VOIP Calls Mobile Call   Deskphone Call
MDA200 Yes NA No
MDA220 Yes NA No
Save W7xx Yes Yes Yes
Voyager Legend UC Yes Yes NA
Voyager Edge Yes Yes NA
Voyager 3200 UC Yes Yes N/A
Voyager 5200 UC Yes Yes NA
Voyager 8200 UC Yes Yes N/A
Voyager Focus Yes Yes* NA
All other Plantronics headsets supported in Plantronics Hub v3.9x Yes NO NO

R3 Release
Product                                                 Multi-
Multi-interface Support
VOIP Calls Mobile Call       Deskphone Call
MDA400 QD Yes Yes Yes
*With R3 firmware update - Available Soon.