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HDX - Multiple Web UI Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Summary

Four security vulnerabilities in HDX Series products have been fixed in release 3.1.14.

  1. CVE-2019-11355: The CSR generation tool is subject to Remote Code Execution. Administrators logged in to the web UI can abuse this to attain privileged access to the operating system.

  2. A stored XSS defect in the closed caption utility allows anyone who can login to the HDX web UI to potentially run malicious javascript on other web UI clients who view the closed caption output.

  3. The deployed embedded web server in Polycom HDX systems allows HTTP Verb Tampering. The server fails to validate the HTTP requests to specific verbs. It is possible to disclose system information by tampering the HTTP verb (e.g. changing HTTP POST to HTTP GET).

  4. The Remote Access component fails to validate input passed by a user of the web UI and is thus vulnerable to XSS exploitation that can execute javascript payloads in the context of the user.



CVE 2019-11355 

An issue was discovered in Poly (formerly Polycom) HDX 3.1.13. A feature exists that allows the creation of a server / client certificate, or the upload of the user certificate, on the administrator's page. The value received from the user is the factor value of a shell script on the equipment. By entering a special character (such as a single quote) in a CN or other CSR field, one can insert a command into a factor value. A system command can be executed as root.

Poly released a firmware update to address this vulnerability.  There is no workaround.


Last Update: 3/7/2022
Initial Public Release: 4/26/2019
Advisory ID:  PLYTV19-03

CVE ID: CVE-2019-11355
CVSS Score: 7.2

Product Affected
HDX 4000 Prior to 3.1.14 3.1.14 and above
HDX 6000

Prior to 3.1.14

3.1.14 and above
HDX 7000

Prior to 3.1.14

3.1.14 and above
HDX 8000

Prior to 3.1.14

3.1.14 and above
HDX 9000

Prior to 3.1.14

3.1.14 and above

Poly recommends customers upgrade to firmware build 3.1.14 or later. 



There is no workaround.


Any customer using an affected system who is concerned about this vulnerability within their deployment should contact Poly Technical Support(888) 248-4143, (916) 928-7561, or visit the Poly Support Site.



Poly would like to thank WootCloud and Hyunjin Ko for reporting security vulnerabilities to us and for their coordinated disclosure.

Revision History
1.0 4/26/2019 Initial Release
2.0 3/7/2022 Format Changes