Perils of
the Open

The open office arrived with so much promise. Minimalist design. Spontaneous collaboration. Deeper connections between co-workers. But it’s also loud, chaotic, and full of distractions that are keeping your team from getting work done.

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Confessions of open office workers

Despite the fact that leadership at some companies think employees only care about bean bag chairs and free food, surveyed workers* say that the ability to focus without interruptions ranks #1 on their workplace wish lists. Productivity trumps tacos. Who knew?

No Noise? Yes, please.

Employees report that blocking out noise and distractions will:

*Source: “When the walls come down: How smart companies are rewriting the rules of the open workplace,” Oxford Economics.

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Create an oasis
of calm
in an office
of chaos

Loud talkers. Kitchen blenders. Mike from Marketing who won’t shut up.

If this is the norm at your office, you’re not alone. We can’t “reassign” Mike, but we can give you the tools—from huddle rooms to headsets—to help your team reduce distractions and boost performance.


We can help you find your happy place.

Imagine escaping into a hotbed of ideation, collaboration, and productivity. Call it a haven or a hideout, if you like. We call it Polycom Studio.

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