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Welcome To The Poly Partner Employee Purchase Program

Poly Partner Employee Purchase Program Terms and Conditions


The Poly Partner Employee Purchase Program (“Program”) is provided by Plantronics, Inc., and its affiliates (collectively, “Poly”).  The Program is available only to employees of a current Poly Partner who resides in the U.S., UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and Finland (“Associate”).

This Program is subject to the terms and conditions of the Poly Partner Program available at (“PPP Terms”), which are incorporated herein by reference. Terms defined in the PPP Terms shall have the same meaning for this Program unless otherwise defined herein. 

The Program is available to Partners approved by Poly. For clarity, Partners must be in “Good Standing” and must have agreed to the PPP Terms. “Good Standing” is a fundamental requirement of the Poly Partner Program and this Program. A Partner is in “Good Standing” if the Partner maintain at all times compliance with: (1) the PPP Terms, (2) any additional terms and conditions for programs offered pursuant to the PPP Terms, and (3) all other agreements between Partner and Poly, and Poly’s Policies.

In accordance with these Program Terms and Conditions, Associates may purchase up to five (5) Poly products per quarter and up to two (2) of an individual Poly product per order. In the event an Associate exceeds this amount, they agree to pay the full purchase price as provided on for those products that exceed the purchase limit. 

Products purchased under the Program may not be resold or exchanged for valuable consideration to anyone else. The products are purchased for the personal use of the Associate only. No further discounts, credits or rebates shall apply.

Orders must be placed online at the Program site: Associates will create an account profile, and complete other information requested on the Program site.  A credit card or PayPal account under the Associate’s name is required to purchase products under the Program.

The published Terms of Sale available at the Program site shall apply and control purchases made under the Program, including the product return and warranty policies.

Products are offered on the Program site subject to availability and products may be added or deleted at any time.

Products will be shipped directly to the ship-to address that Associate provides when placing the order. Please note shipping fees and sales tax will be charged. Products will be shipped according to availability. Associates are responsible for all shipping, taxes, customs and legal fees that could occur due to requesting a ship-to address that is outside of the U.S.

By submitting an order, Associate accepts the above terms and conditions and also confirm they are at least 18 years of age and current the employee of Partner and normally reside in the U.S., UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and Finland

Poly reserves the right to prohibit participation in the Program if Poly determines in its sole discretion that the Program terms and conditions have been violated.

The Program may be revised or cancelled at any time without notice.

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ATTENTION: Newly-released products may not be immediately available to Associates for purchase at a discount. Please note these two possible scenarios:
•    If you see an add to cart button, but you don’t see a discount, then the product is not yet available to purchase at a discount.
•    If you do not see an add to cart button, the product is not in stock.
•    Please check back for availability at a later date.