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HD Voice

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HD Voice

The hallmark of a great conference call is audio quality that sounds just like being in the same room with the other participants. Polycom HD Voice technology delivers more than twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for life-like, vibrant conversations. It's like switching from AM radio to CD-quality audio. The difference is so astounding, you will never want to go back to regular phone calls. You'll eliminate misunderstandings and save time simply by hearing every word clearly. And you'll avoid the frustration you experience with poor quality phone calls. Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology combines next generation industry-leading full duplex, echo cancellation, and noise reduction with advanced voice processing to give you the superior quality audio experience you expect from Polycom.


Polycom HD Voice Patent Number 8,023,458

A method and apparatus for wideband voice and optional data conferencing over a telecommunications network channel between at least two wideband communications devices. An exemplary method comprises establishing an audio link, verifying wideband capability between the at least two wideband communications devices, training modems of the at least two wideband communications device to line conditions, and adjusting the telecommunications connection line conditions between the communications devices. Once a wideband connection has been established, audio and data may be simultaneously exchanged.


Data Sheet
HD Voice Data Sheet

Over twice the clarity and fidelity for more productive voice communications.

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