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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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About Plantronics Enterprise Manager (PEM)

The Plantronics Enterprise Manager (PEM) enables IT administrators to:
  • Customize the default settings and features of supported Plantronics headsets, and optionally lock features and settings to prevent user modification.
  • Prevent help desk calls by providing a uniform install base thereby ensuring a consistent experience for your users
  • Select the proper mix of software support modules to meet the unique needs of your corporation or user base. These modules enable softphones and music players to properly interface with Plantronics devices.
  • Select whether to install Plantronics applications such as Plantronics Control Panel which allows the end user to change permitted settings or the Battery Status Meter which notifies the user when the battery is getting low on their wireless device.
  • Select how software and device firmware updates will be handled. The finished customized install package can then distributed for installation from a server or pushed via standard IT tools to deploy MSI packages and files. IT will need to use their company’s standard software deployment tools (i.e. SCCM, Tivoli, GPO, LANDesk) to push the installation and copy any required XML files.
Note: If you do not need to customize the deployment of Plantronics software, you can download the Spokes for Windows MSI separately. The PEM and Spokes MSI file are both available for download at