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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Backbeat Series: Poor Audio Quality When Used With PC

I'm experiencing lowered audio quality in my BackBeat headset when connected to my PC's internal Bluetooth adapter. Why does this happen?
Some headsets included in the Backbeat series: 
  • Backbeat FIT​
  • Backbeat 100 Series
  • Backbeat FIT 300
  • Backbeat FIT 500​
  • Backbeat GO 600 Series
  • Backbeat Pro 2
  • Backbeat Pro ​
When you pair a Backbeat series headset, directly to a PC and set the headset as the default audio device for playback and recording, it will use the A2DP profile which will provide optimal sound quality. However, if the microphone on the BackBeat PRO is used, the headset switches to using the HSP Bluetooth profile and the audio quality on the headset will drop accordingly. From this point on, all audio will be of lower quality until the mic stops being used, at which point it will switch back to being A2DP-quality.