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Last Modified Date: 08/23/2011
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Savi Office: How to Hear Desk Phone and PC Audio Simultaneously

Is there a way for me to hear the desk phone and PC audio at the same time?
This article pertains to Savi Office Models WO100, WO200, WO101, WO201, WO300, and WO350 To Play Both Desk Phone and PC Audio:
  • From the Base: Simultaneously press and hold the desk phone and PC talk buttons down for about 5 seconds until both indicator lights become solid green.
  • From the PerSono Suite Software*: Click the red (on-hold) icon to make it active. When all three icons (headset, desk phone, and PC) are green and all arrows are green, the audio of the devices are mixed.
* You still have to activate the desk phone and PC audio links via the headset or base. You cannot initiate an audio link via the Audio Control Screen in the PerSono Suite software.