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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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CS50-USB/CS60-USB: How to Adjust the Volume

How do I adjust the volume of my CS50-USB/CS60-USB headset?
To adjust your listening volume:
Move the dial at the end of the headset (opposite end from the microphone) up and down, as shown below.

TIP: As an alternative, you may also adjust your listening volume within your softphone or by using your computer's volume control.
To adjust your speaking volume:
You cannot adjust your speaking volume on the headset. As an alternative, you may adjust your speaking volume within your softphone or on your computer (use the Sounds Control Panel in Windows or the Sounds System Preferences on a Mac).
To mute your microphone:
Press in the volume dial, as shown below. You’ll hear occasional beeps that notify you that you’re on mute. Press in the dial again to unmute.

If either volume is set too high, you may encounter acoustic problems such as distortion, feedback, or an echo. We recommend keeping your soft phone and computer settings at a constant, moderate level, and using the CS-50/CS-60 volume wheel to make adjustments from call to call.