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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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CS55H (Home Edition): How to Make and Receive Calls

How do I make/ receive calls with the CS55H?
How do I make a call with the CS55H Home Edition?
In order to dial a call:
- Dial the number on the cordless phone
- Press the button on the headset once the call is connected
- Hang up the phone and keep talking while walking up to 300 ft away from the base. *Important note: It is highly recommended although not mandatory to hang up the phone before transferring the call to the headset. The main reason is to eliminate potential buzz or echo sounds resulting from having both the handset and headset active at the same time. By hanging up the phone, the user also has the benefit of being able to dock and therefore recharge the phone! Can I answer calls using the headset? How far from the base do I need to be?
Yes, with the CS55H headset, you can remotely answer phone calls at home up to 300 ft away from the CS55 base. The actual range varies and depends on the home layout (number of walls, construction materials etc.). Can I end calls using the headset?
Yes, by simply pressing the button on the headset.
Important note: If the user didn't hang up the phone while using the headset (not recommended as it can create buzz or echo), ending the call via the headset will not hang up the call on the regular phone. In other words, the call will still be active on the handset.