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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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V2IU Embedded Gatekeeper Capacity

  • V2IU 43xx
  • V2IU 5300-E10
  • V2IU 5300-E25
  • V2IU 6400
  • Software Version 7.2.2
The Polycom V2IU E-Series and 4300/4350 Series units have an Embedded Gatekeeper. As of v7.2.2, the capacities of the Embedded Gatekeeper are as follows:
Product Embedded GateKeeper Capacity
V2IU 43xx 15 Registered Endpoints
V2IU 5300-E10 50 Registered Endpoints
V2IU 5300-E25 100 Registered Endpoints
V2IU 6400 250 Registered Endpoints
Note That while it may be possible to register more endpoints than noted, should there be a performance issue, Support will require a reduction in the number of registered endpoints to the stated limits before troubleshooting.