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Last Modified Date: 12/15/2021
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Troubleshoot issues when using a Poly Trio with the Poly Passthrough software

A customer wants to troubleshoot issues discovered when using the Poly Passthrough software.
  • Ensure you are using at least Poly Trio UC Software Rev AA or later
  • Ensure you are using at least Poly Passthrough Software or later
  • Ensure you are using Microsoft Windows 10
Ensure you are using the below configuration (also attached): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--Enable the feature-->
<mr mr.devicePassThrough.usb.enabled="1"/>
<!--integer number equal to 1 + (the number of Visual+ and Visual Pros to pair with)-->
<mr mr.pair.maxDevices="15"/>
<!--Optional Configuration Parameter "1080p", "720p", "540p, or "360p"-->
<!--valid values: 1:"Auto" 2:"360p" 3:"540p" 4:"720p" 5:"1080p-->
<mr""/> During the installation, the software creates a Windows Firewall exception:
  • Ensure that TCP incoming connections are permitted, and Transmit UDP to is permitted.
  • Example for a 3rd Party McAfee Firewall:

  • Ensure that the system allows APIPA Address Options as shown >here<
The next step would be to apply the Passthrough_logging.cfg (attached) Example Log when Interface is down or USB cable unplugged: 0113120047|mr |1|00|discoverRxTaskLoop: Packet Rx timeout or error: -1 (11) If there is a Firewall issue the following will appear:
The next message should be:
"Establishing link" means the Pass-through service is waiting for its discovery socket to come up.  "Connecting to Trio" means that the discovery socket is up and the service is sending discovery packets, and is now waiting for trio to request a connection on the TCP link. If the above does not help to troubleshoot this issue please work with your Poly reseller and ensure to provide us Logs from the Trio:
  • Diagnostics > View & Download Logs > Clear
    Replicate the issue
  • Diagnostics > View & Download Logs > UCS Application > Export
  • Provide the Passthrough Software Logs
  Working Log snippet: ...
0131112054|cfg  |*|00|RT|Network rndis0 link went up
0131112054|mr   |2|00|mrModNetworkStatusCb: Interface 'rndis0' state changed to UP
0131112101|mr   |0|00|altIfDiscoverRxTask: Discover loop exited for alt rx interface rndis0 ( (11)
0131112101|mr   |1|00|altIfDiscoverRxTask: Listening for discovery messages on alt interface rndis0 (, useTls=0, autoPair=1
0131112103|mr   |0|00|discoverRxTaskLoop: Received pkt len 83 from port 49702 status 0 ver 1.0 uid c8f750b8169b connectedUid  connectedName
0131112103|mr   |1|00|Discovery on interface from c8f750b8169b port 49702 status 0 pair 0 hw 9:Trio Pass-through, usesTls 0, autoPairable 1
0131112103|mr   |0|00|mrPairHubUidAllowed: uid c8f750b8169b reason 1
0131112103|mr   |0|00|MrHubModC::MrHubModC: new 0x49cab50
0131112103|mr   |1|00|MrHubModC::connectingAdd: Added c8f750b8169b (, without TLS, to connection list size 1
0131112103|mr   |3|00|mrMainDiscoverPacket: Connecting to device c8f750b8169b reason InternalAuto
0131112103|mr   |0|00|MrMainRestResponseC: alloc 0x4a69e20 msg 28679 mod 0x49cab50
0131112103|mrcon|2|00|MrConn::connect: Connecting to, not using Tls
0131112103|mrcon|1|00|mrConnTask: Attempting to connect to path /, tls 0
0131112103|mrcon|3|00|mrConnCb: connected to
0131112103|mrcon|2|00|mrConnCb: TX to id:10514 data:{"id": 10514, "req": {"data": {"friendlyName": "", "reason": "InternalAuto"}, "uid": "0004f2fd088c", "component": "module", "command": "pairReq"}}
0131112103|mrcon|2|00|MrConnC::rxMsg: resp ip: id:10514 time:0ms cbTime:0ms data:{"id": 10514, "resp": {"swVersion": "Kobus_1.0.0.0067", "status": {"statusCode": 1, "errorString": ""}, "swDate": "11-Dec-19 13:23", "hwVersion": "  ", "hwModel": "Trio Pass-through"}}  
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