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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Voyager 4200 UC Series Audio Over Corded USB FAQ

1. How does Audio over corded USB work? 
a. Audio over corded USB is a plug-and-play feature where you can use your Bluetooth device as a corded device.  
2. What are the benefits of audio over corded USB? 
a. This greatly improves density issues in the office by allowing Bluetooth devices to be used as a corded device. (see #5) 
b. Allows for more efficient use of USB ports by allowing the user to charge and use headset through only one USB port 
3.  What USB cables are supported or recommended?  
a. Micro USB to USB-A/USB-C cables are recommended to utilize Audio over corded USB (cable already included in box) 
4. Which Plantronics Manager Pro reports are supported in audio over corded USB mode? 
a. Audio over corded USB supports the following Plantronics Manager Pro reports: Device Adoption, Device Distribution, Device Inventory, Incompatible Products, Policy Compliance, b. Softphone Adoption, User Activity, Version Status, and Common Actions 
5. Can Bluetooth be turned off to improve density? 
a. If the provided USB cable is used and the headset is switched OFF then the headset Bluetooth radio is also OFF. This will not cause density issues from the headset. It is further      recommended to disconnect the Bluetooth dongle from the PC to further improve density, this also frees up a USB port. 
6. What headset controls are supported when used in audio over corded USB? 
a. Call control (call answer/end, mute, volume) as well as the online indicator are supported with Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac version 3.14 or later 
b. Plantronics Hub does not need to be installed for the call controls to function on Skype for Business
7. Can the audio over corded USB mode be activated during a call? 
a. If your headset battery is getting low during a call(headset is connected wirelessly through USB adapter) the USB cable can be connected and the call will continue in audio over corded USB mode   
  • ​​​​​​​For different operating systems, you may experience a slight cut in audio for a couple of seconds
8. How does the headset function when connected to both mobile and PC? 
a. Telephony mode is prioritized so the sound will switch to the device that is receiving a call 
b. Example:
  1. When connected to a mobile device (in use i.e listening to music) and connected to PC through corded USB, receiving a call on the PC puts music on pause and switches audio to PC 
  1. This is also the case when you are connected to both devices via Bluetooth. The sound will transfer to your mobile phone when there is an incoming call