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Solutions for Office Independents

This group holds to a more traditional workstyle and works mainly on their own at a personal desk. They participate in fewer calls and meetings than other personas.



We can help you profile your organization to identify workforce communication needs.



Personal / Assigned desks are the norm, generally in a cubicle or open space. Though office-based, this workstyle reports low usage of conference rooms. 





Type of Work

In person and 1-1 voice communication with colleagues or customers, least likely of all personas to be the main speaker in meetings.

8% report daily video usage

36% use a headset

Device Usage

On average, Office Independents use 2.1 devices on a daily basis to get their work done. Primary devices used for calls include:


Smart Phone

Desk Phone

% Time spent

Top Pain Points
  • Distracted by background noise int he office (91%)
  • Meetings get in the way of completing projects
  • Meetings often start and end later than scheduled
Fun Facts
  • Spend mos of their time each day on individual work (72%)
  • Communication in a typical day is internal with colleagues
  • Savi 7300 Office Series
    Savi 7300 Office Series
    Savi 7300 Office Series
    Ultra-secure wireless DECT™ headset system

    Armor up with Savi 7300 Office Series to keep conversations private. The ultra-secure DECT™ wireless headset is the perfect choice for financial, medical, government and contact centers or anywhere sensitive conversations happen.

  • Serie Blackwire 5200
    Serie Blackwire 5200
    Serie Blackwire 5200
    Auricular USB

    Conéctate y trabaja fácilmente con la serie Blackwire 5200. Es fácil de usar y su conectividad USB/USB-C y de 3,5 mm te permite trabajar en una variedad de dispositivos. Además, es tan cómoda que puedes usarla durante todo el día.

  • VVX 350
    VVX 350
    VVX 350
    Teléfono de escritorio IP de gama media y seis líneas

    Teléfono de escritorio IP de gama media y seis líneas con pantalla a color

*As pain points and connectivity needs may be similar, there is some crossover in product recommendations between personas.

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