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Last Modified Date: 07/28/2021
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Bluetooth Headsets: How to Pair with a Mac

How do I pair a Plantronics headset with a Mac running OS X?
To pair a Bluetooth headset to a Mac (OS X):
  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click Bluetooth.
  3. Click the “+” sign to add a new device.
  4. Select “Headset” as the type of device.
  5. Put the headset in the pairing mode.
  6. Click the Search button.
  7. If prompted, enter the passkey, which is "0000" (four zeros).
  8. If pairing a stereo headset, a window with the known services of the new headset may appear. The Plantronics stereo headsets will display both the headset and headphone options.
  9. Click Continue, and then Finish.
You will be returned to the Bluetooth devices window. Your product appears in the left pane, with its status in the right pane. Note that it will have a status of "disconnected," but that is normal. To set your paired headset as the default audio device for the computer:
  1. If you'd like the headset to be the default audio device, open System Preferences.
  2. Click the Sounds icon.
  3. Click Output, and then select your headset.
  4. Click Input, and select your headset.
  5. Test the headset by opening iTunes and playing a song.
Note about OS X upgrades: If you upgraded to Leopard from a previous version of OS X and your stereo Bluetooth headset was paired for headset use, you may need to delete it in the Bluetooth device window of the system preferences before you can get stereo function. To do this, click the headset in the device list, and then click the “ - ” sign to remove it from the list. Follow the instructions above to pair it again.