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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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How to add a "Forward" soft key for the SoundPoint IP 320/330, 321/331 , and 335

The SoundPoint IP 320/330, 321/331, and 335 do not display a “Forward” soft key by default.  However, one can be added, provided that you remove one of the default soft keys.   
Edit the following parameters, which are located in the “sip.cfg” configuration file by default:"enhanced-feature-keys" feature.18.enabled="1" softkey.1.label="Forward" softkey.1.action="$FDivert$$FDialpad1$" softkey.1.enable="1" softkey.1.use.idle="1" softkey.feature.newcall="0" or softkey.feature.directories="0" or softkey.feature.callers="0"   If you have a mixed-model environment or just need to configure the “Forward” soft key on a few select phones, it is recommended that you put these parameters in a separate configuration file, based off of the default “sip.cfg” template.  Except for the “<sip></sip>” root tags, just remove all the unrelated parameters and save with a new file name.  Reference this new file name in the CONFIG_FILES path of the <mac-address>.cfg file for each phone to have this modification. It is also recommended that the configuration files be edited with a dedicated XML editor. Software version 3.1 or higher