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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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Dual Microphone Kit contents and Instructions

The ViewStation dual mic kit comes with a 10' cable, and a 30' cable. Instructions given in the kit are as follows:
  1. Unpack the dual-microphone pod, 10-foot cable, and 30-foot cable.
  2. Disconnect and discard the existing 30-foot cable that is attached from the ViewStation to the existing microphone pod. The existing 30-foot cable will not support a dual microphone setup.
  3. Replace the existing 30-foot cable with the new 30-foot cable that shipped with your dual microphone kit. Insure the new 30-foot cable is connected to the ViewStation and the existing microphone pod.
  4. Connect the 10-foot cable to the bottom of the new microphone pod.
  5. Connect the opposite end of the 10-foot cable to the bottom of the existing microphone pod.
  6. The dual microphone setup is now active.
For microphone diagnostics, please check the ViewStation Audio Meter found under System Info>Diagnostics>Audio>Audio Meter ViewStation Hardware screen will should reflect the version of Microphone Pods which can be found under System Information>Admin Setup>Software/Hardware>Hardware.
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