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Last Modified Date: 06/07/2021
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CT11/CT12: How to Mute

How do I mute on the CT11/CT12?
There are two mute features on the CT12: one for the microphone and one for the ringer. To mute/unmute the microphone:
  1. There is a standard MUTE button on the dial pad that allows you to temporarily turn off your microphone. During the telephone call, press and hold the MENU/MUTE button down for several seconds to turn off the microphone. “Mute” will appears on the display.
  2. Press the MENU/MUTE button again to cancel muting.
  • Do not press END to cancel muting. Pressing END disconnects the call, and returns the phone to standby mode.
  • The mute is a dual function button if you tap it will turn the call waiting off but if you hold it in for a few seconds it will mute the microphone.
To temporarily mute the ringer: The ringer mute enables you to mute the ringtone for the current incoming call. To temporarily mute the ringtone, while the phone is ringing, press END. Note: The remote needs to be off of the base. The phone will ring normally on the next call. Tip: If you want to turn the ringer off for all incoming calls, select “Ringer Off.” A "(Ringer Off)" message appears on the display when you make or receive calls.