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Last Modified Date: 10/12/2021
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What's new in Polycom UC Software 5.2.2?

UC Software 5.2.2 (March 2015 ) Applies to the Polycom VVX 300/310, VVX 400/410, VVX 500, VVX 600, VVX 1500 Business Media Phones and Polycom SoundStructure VoIP Interface. Polycom UC Software 5.2.2 is a general release for all open SIP platforms, Microsoft Lync 2010 and Microsoft Lync 2013. Note that if you are using Polycom UC Software 5.2.2 with Microsoft Lync Server, you cannot register multiple lines on one phone. NOTE: Before deploying UCS 5.2.2 or Later to VVX 1500 – Please carefully go through the instructions in Technical Bulletin 695.   FEATURE ENHANCEMENTS AND ADDITIONS: Administrators can now customize alert tones for meeting reminders for the Exchange Calendar using configuration files (VOIP-97667). The parameter exchange.meeting.reminderType is an existing parameter that was updated for the new customization functionality.
  • The parameter device.sec.TLS.SSLv2v3.enabled was added in this release to address an OpenSSL vulnerability (known as POODLE). SSLv3 or SSLv2 protocols and the use of CBC mode ciphers for SSL or TLS connections are disabled by default. Administrators can choose to enable the use of the protocols using the parameter device.sec.TLS.SSLv2v3.enabled (VOIP-97629 and VOIP-95720).
  • The VeriSign Universal Root Certificate was added to the UC Software default trusted certificate authorities list (VOIP-96470).
  • Administrators can now configure the AutoAnswer menu to display on VVX phones using the new parameter call.autoAnswerMenu.enable (VOIP-96303). 
  • Administrators can now configure the masking of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) replies using the new parameter (VOIP-96119).
  • Administrators can now configure the alert tone for Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) using the new parameter mwi.reminder.enable (VOIP-95806).
Note: Using Polycom phones with Lync Server
  • You can register only one line when Lync is set as the base profile on the phone.
  • Better Together over Ethernet is disabled by default on VVX business media phones with UC software 5.1.0 or later.
  • VQMon is currently unavailable for Lync deployments.
  • The Web Configuration Utility is disabled by default when the base profile is set to Lync with added support for HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Video calls are currently not supported between Polycom phones and the Lync 2013 client.
Category Found in Release Description Issue No.            
Audio 4.1.6, 5.1.1 Added the parameter voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.ignoreString to correct an issue with delayed ringing for incoming calls. VOIP-95118       
Audio 4.1.6, 4.0.7 Added the parameter call.doNotPlayLocalOnProvResponseSdp to correct an issue with a delay in local ringback tones. VOIP-95488
Audio 5.1.2 The audio is no longer delayed for calls answered by a delegate for a boss with10 or more delegates. VOIP-95546
Audio 5.2.0 Audio dropouts have been reduced by detecting redundant PKT channel configurations and skipping them. VOIP-96800
Authentication 4.1.1 You can now authenticate factory defaulted phones VOIP-94956
Browser 5.2.0 On VVX 300 and VVX 400 phones, you can now use the navigation keys to highlight and select items in the web browser. VOIP-96271
Browser 5.2.0 The web browser no longer returns to the last page in the web browser when you close and reopen the application. VOIP-97016
Calling 5.2.0 The phone now plays the ringtone for incoming monitored BLF calls. VOIP-95432
Calling 5.2.0 The incoming call notification now displays when call waiting is disabled and there is an active call on a monitored BLF line. VOIP-96544
Configuration 5.2.0 The value configured for the intercom.alertinfo string now display properly in the alert-info header instead of "intercom-." " VOIP-95319
Configuration 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.2.0 Do Not Disturb is no longer set for all lines on the phone when enabled for one line. VOIP-94583 VOIP-95448
Configuration 5.0.2 VVX and SoundPoint IP phones now re-register after a network outage. VOIP-95087
Configuration 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.1.0 The phone now uses NTLMv2 as configured. VOIP-95108
Category Found in Release Description Issue No.
Configuration 5.0.2 The enhanced feature key configured for Directory search on the phone now works properly without any issues. VOIP-95239
Configuration 5.1.2, 5.2.0 The phone now displays the SIP address when the caller ID is unknown and parameter voIpProt.SIP.header.diversion.enable is set to 1. VOIP-95323
Configuration 5.1.1 The phone now displays all call logs when the Flexible Line Key Reassignment is enabled. VOIP-95326
Configuration 5.2.0 The Incoming Call window for monitored BLF calls no longer displays when the parameter attendant.behaviors.display.spontaneousCallAppearances.automata is set to 0. VOIP-95336
Configuration 4.1.7, 5.0.2 You can now move custom soft keys on VVX 500 phones. VOIP-95397
Configuration 5.2.0 The intercom no longer fails when special characters are sent in the intercom.alertinfo string. VOIP-95403 VOIP-95365
Configuration 5.1.2 The phone now accepts the offered LLDP options received from the network when there is an empty port description within the LLDP Switch. VOIP-95423
Configuration 5.2.0 In a Lync environment, the phone no longer generates core dumps when transferring a call that was sent to voicemail. VOIP-95460
Configuration 4.1.6 DHCP no longer fails on VVX phones when logging is set to debug. VOIP-95475
Configuration 5.2.0 The speakerphone is no longer activated when set to disabled with the parameter up.handsfreemode. VOIP-95606
Configuration 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.2.0 On a Lync phone, the Administrator Password screen now displays when the multiple key combination 135, which is the MKC for a factory reset is pressed and held. VOIP-95670
Configuration 5.1.1 VVX phones now receive the Emergency 911 location information from the Lync Server. VOIP-95681
Configuration 5.1.1, 5.1.2 VVX phones no longer perform a DNS lookup on the SIP domain before placing a call when the outbound proxy is configured. VOIP-95739
Category Found in Release Description Issue No.
Configuration 5.0.2, 5.2.0 VVX phones now broadcast ACK to DHCP without causing PIN authentication to fail. VOIP-95799
Configuration 5.1.1, 4.0.7, 5.1.2 You can no longer set Calls Per Line to 0 on SoundPoint IP and VVX phones. VOIP-96379
Configuration 5.2.0 The phone now applies the custom dial tones set for parameters se.pat.callProg.dialTone and tone.chord.callProg.dialTone after rebooting. VOIP-96949
Configuration 5.2.0 Changed the name of parameter to feature.uniqueCallLabeling.enabled. VOIP-96969
Configuration 5.2.0 In a Metaswitch environment, the phone now encodes and decodes the equal sign (=) in URLs without any issues. VOIP-97018
Configuration 5.2.0 The phone now sends the HTTP request message with "%26" when the main page of the web browser is set for Metaswitch using the parameter mb.main.home. VOIP-97412
Configuration 5.2.0 The second subscribe request on TCP is now sent on TCP when the value ‘;transport=TCP is added for the parameter attendat.uri and authentication is configured on the server. VOIP-97693
Configuration 5.2.0 Passwords entered on the phone are now masked immediately by asterisks when the parameter up.echoPasswordDigits is set to 1. VOIP-97836
Configuration 5.2.0 Changed the default value for parameter ptt.compatibilityMode from 1 to 0. VOIP-97848
Configuration 4.0.5 Changed the default value for parameter up.simplifiedSipCallInfo from 0 to 1 to resolve duplicates in the caller ID display. VOIP-97990
Configuration 4.1.8, 5.2.0 The phone now uploads a certificate to the Platform CA Profile using configuration files. VOIP-98048
Configuration 5.2.0 The phone now updates the reg.x.address parameter when the provisioning server is set to HTTPS after an automatic reboot after pressing Update Configuration on the phone. VOIP-98139
Configuration 5.2.0 The phone now updates configuration changes made on the FTP provisioning server when DHCP server is set with Custom+Option 160. VOIP-98153
Category Found in Release Description Issue No.
Functionality 5.1.1 In a Lync environment, the phone now retains the Call Pickup group members when Call Forwarding is enabled then disabled. VOIP-95153
Functionality 4.0.7, 4.1.6 A cursor now displays for the PIN Authentication field on the phone when the base profile is changed to Lync using the multiple key combination 149. VOIP-95483
Functionality 5.0.1 The throughput for a computer connected to the PC port on the VVX 500 phone is now improved when connected to an Ethernet switch. VOIP-93300
Functionality 5.1.1, 5.2.0 The phone no longer holds a call automatically after the call is answered. VOIP-95584
Functionality 4.0.4 The phone now contacts both servers when RROFO is enabled and the failover server is unresponsive. VOIP-96373
Functionality 5.2.0 PolySoftKey JavaScript functionality now works properly on VVX phones running UC Software 5.2.0. VOIP-96726
Functionality 4.0.5 Calls are now parked on the second line registered on the phone. VOIP-97068
Functionality 4.0.7, 5.2.0 The SIP register is no longer terminated after multiple 401 challenges. VOIP-97344
Headset 5.2.0 The phone no longer reboots when a call is answered with a headset using electronic hookswitch on a phone with multiple BLF lines. VOIP-96020
Headset 5.2.0 The phone now works properly when a call is answered using a Plantronics CS50/55 headset with an electronic hookswitch cable. VOIP-98304
Interoperability 5.2.0 The VVX 300 no longer freezes when an Apple device is connected to the PC port on the phone. VOIP-97392
Logging 4.0.5, 4.0.7, 5.1.1 Enabling logging on a phone with a Busy status no longer causes an excessive amount of dropped logs when expansion modules are connected to a phone. VOIP-96817
Lync 5.0.2, 5..2, 5.2.0 The external Lync prefix now works as expected when a matching normalization rule starts with the same digit. VOIP-95105
Lync 5.1.2 The phone no longer reboots after you sign into the phone with your Lync credentials when the dial plan contains more than 9 variables. VOIP-95241
Category Found in Release Description Issue No.
Lync 5.0.2, 5.1.0, 5.1.1 In a BToE scenario, calls are now transferred successfully when transferred using the Lync client. VOIP-95954
Lync 5.2.0 Transferring calls from a mobile Lync client to an internal extension via the Edge Server now works properly VOIP-97542
Lync 5.2.0 The receiving phone now works properly when a call is transferred to a contact’s Lync voicemail. VOIP-98607
Network 5.1.1 VVX phones no longer disconnect from the network and sign out of Lync when the certificate renew duration is set to 8 hours. VOIP-96975 VOIP-95687
Provisioning 4.0.7 The phones no longer require a power cycle to upgrade from 3.3.4 to 4.0.7 when provisioned externally via HTTPS. VOIP-96807
Server 5.1.1, 5.2.0 The phones no longer failover to the next server when they receive a Rest request. VOIP-96704
User Experience 5.0.2 Added the parameter call.telUri.showPrompt to correct an issue with a confirmation notification displaying after you select a number to dial for a contact. VOIP-95026
User Interface 5.0.2 Added the parameter extended.lineKey.hide to correct an issue with extended line keys displaying on VVX 1500 phones after the phone restarts. VOIP-95024
User Interface 5.0.2 An error message no longer displays when the user priority for RTP is set through the Ethernet QoS. VOIP-95056
User Interface 4.1.7, 5.0.2, 5.1.1 The Do Not Disturb message no longer displays on the screen when Do Not Disturb is disabled. VOIP-95059
User Interface 5.1.1 When the phone receives an incoming call, the phone now shows the display name for contact’s listed in the Contact Directory. VOIP-95384
User Interface 5.1.1 The phone no longer displays the SIP address for unknown callers, and now displays Unknown Caller in the Calls Log. VOIP-95434
User Interface 4.1.7 5.0.2, 5.1.1 Contacts listed in the Contact Directory now remain in the same sort order after you search the directory. VOIP-96015
Category Found in Release Description Issue No.
User Interface 4.0.7, 4.1.7, 5.2.0 BLF lines now display in the Web Configuration Utility for VVX 1500 phones. VOIP-96180 VOIP-95203 VOIP-95124 VOIP-95116
User Interface 5.2.0 The browser toolbar is now accessible after it auto hides. VOIP-96273
User Interface 5.2.0 Lync favorites added in the Lync client now display on the phone. VOIP-96481
User Interface 5.2.0 The cursor and text no longer disappear after you change the input mode to numerical and back to alphabetical. VOIP-97413
User Interface 5.2.0 The phone no longer sends a subscribe message after a call is ended. VOIP-97446
User Interface 5.2.0 The Globe in the web browser was replaced with ABC or 123 to match the character input mode selected, and the Cancel Edit icon was replaced with an X. VOIP-97598
User Interface 5.2.0 Lync federated contact names now display properly on the phone. VOIP-98057
User Interface 5.2.0 The correct speed dial now displays as configured. VOIP-98361
Video 5.1.1 Video no longer lags when playing videos in the web browser. VOIP-95009
Video 4.0.4, 4.0.5, 4.1.6, 5.0.2, 5.1.1 Added the parameter net.interface.mtu to correct an issue with one-way video in calls with the BroadSoft UC-One client. VOIP-95832