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Transparent sound when it matters most


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M-Mode on Polycom video solutions such as RealPresence Group Series and RealPresence Desktop can be used when you need non-speech audio to be sent as clearly as possible to the far end. Many of the audio features in Polycom’s solutions are tuned to deliver natural, life-like conversations. But sometimes the audio that’s being sent over long distances doesn’t involve human speech, and it needs to be as sharp, clear, and accurate as possible. The requirements for this are different than what is needed for conversations. Think of a violin being played for a university exam in a music class where the instructor is on another campus, or a doctor diagnosing an irregular heartbeat from thousands of miles away. M-Mode ensures the highest quality one-way audio transmission for these unique applications through a combination of specially-tuned codecs, audio processing, and bandwidth allocation. Customers already rely on Polycom for the best conferencing audio quality. Now with M-Mode, remote experts in music, medicine, manufacturing, and other industries can provide their expertise from anywhere.



  • Crystal clear non-speech audio allows users to hear every detail when accurate audio reproduction is most critical
  • A simple check box turns it on and off, no fine tuning or configuration required