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More collaboration is taking place in open workspaces and other environments that are prone to outside sounds and voices interrupting your video calls. With Acoustic Fence, you can use Poly’s advanced digital microphones to create a virtual boundary where voices inside are heard on the other end of the video call, but voices and noise from outside the fence are blocked. This is helping Poly customers use video effectively from places they never dreamed of before – whether open workspaces, or other spaces that are prone to outside noise becoming a distraction.  Available on G7500, Studio X family, Group Series and voice products.


Distracting noises such as keyboard typing, paper shuffling and wrapper crinkling can derail your video calls, especially when they happen close to the microphone. It’s a hassle for everyone when you need to stop the conversation and ask people to go on mute. Poly NoiseBlockAI uses machine learning and AI listening for times when sound is occurring blocking out that noise so conversation can happen naturally.  Available on G7500 and Studio X family.


While meeting and collaborating over video is becoming increasingly popular, video conferences can come with their share of disruptions and frustrations. People fumbling around with cameras, zooming in on participants and making sure the speaker is in the display interrupts the natural flow of a meeting. Our smart camera video conferencing solutions – Poly Studio, Poly Studio X family, EagleEye Cube, EagleEye Director II and EagleEye Producer - take care of the camera so you can focus on the business at hand.


Poly spent years developing collaboration solutions and conferencing technology like voice triangulation, face finding and dual camera configurations, continually making improvements to perfect the user experience. We also leveraged deep human factors expertise to optimize the behavior of these video conferencing solutions. After locating the voice, facial detection algorithms are used to determine if the person is speaking to other people in the room or to meeting participants joining by video. The smart camera then automatically zooms in and positions the speaker optimally within the viewing window. This multi-step process ensures all participants always enjoy a high-impact, immersive experience.


Lost Packet Recovery allows users to communicate over video from any network in any location and know the quality will be high and their message will be understood. Poly has implemented LPR technology from end to end – on room video systems to desktop and tablet software to media and bridging platforms.


Network errors during a video call, no matter how small or large can take away from the overall experience. Being able to maintain high quality video and audio from any device on any network is the goal for Poly and Lost Packet Recovery (LPR) technology. The algorithm allocates a small amount of bandwidth for forward error correction (FEC) eliminating the typical hiccups that are found on lesser quality networks like freezing or blocky video and stuttered audio.


Put away cables, pucks and cords when you want to share content.  Poly video and content solutions allow for wireless content sharing using iOS Airplay, Miracast and Poly Content Share application.  Usershave the ability to share content from their own personal device instead of getting their presentation to a single person or hoping the correct dongle is in the room to allow their device to be used.  Poly devices also allow for infinite whiteboarding when connected to a touch sensitive monitor.  Ideas can flow naturally without having to worry about various technologies getting in-the-way.



Available on G7500, Studio X family and Poly Pano.

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