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These guidelines are for those interested in using Plantronics trademarks. If you have received trademark usage guidelines under the terms of a trademark license agreement with Plantronics, the guidelines in that agreement will apply instead of these guidelines.

Plantronics is an established, recognized brand and a global leader in audio communications. Plantronics trademarks, trade dress and trade names are among our company’s most important and valuable assets as our trademarks provide value and credibility for our offerings. They serve not only as a calling card in the marketplace by identifying Plantronics and its products, but also as a guarantee of the high quality customers associate with Plantronics.

To preserve the reputation of Plantronics, protect its brand, and guard against misuse of its trademarks, third parties may not use the Plantronics logo and other brand assets without prior authorization and license from Plantronics. Use of the Plantronics logo for marketing purposes is limited to licensees authorized by Plantronics, and all licensees must use the logo in accordance with the Plantronics Logo Usage Guidelines for Third Parties provided by Plantronics.

By using Plantronics trademarks, you acknowledge Plantronics is the sole owner of the trademarks and you agree not to interfere or challenge Plantronics rights in the trademarks, including challenging Plantronics use or registration of the trademarks. The good will derived from using any Plantronics trademark inures to the benefit of and belongs to Plantronics. Except for the limited right to use Plantronics trademarks as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights are granted.

You may request a license to use Plantronics assets, including logos, images and trademarks here.


When using the Plantronics trademark, include the ® symbol with the first and most prominent use of the trademark, i.e., Plantronics®.  For all other Plantronics trademarks—for products, services, and technologies—it is not necessary to include a trademark symbol.

Whenever Plantronics trademarks are used, a trademark attribution statement must be included to properly attribute ownership of the trademarks to Plantronics. The statement should read:

“[Alphabetic list of Plantronics marks used] are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plantronics, Inc.”

Do not use Plantronics trademarks as nouns; always use them as adjectives, modifying nouns. For example:

Correct: The Voyager Legend headsets will be shipped today.

Incorrect: The Voyager Legends will be shipped today.

Do not use Plantronics trademarks in a possessive or plural form.

Do not combine Plantronics trademarks with other words or symbols, using a hyphen or otherwise.

Do not translate Plantronics trademarks into languages other than English or use them in wordplay, puns, jokes, or in a manner that is likely to dilute, defame or harm the reputation of Plantronics.

Do not use a Plantronics trademark in a manner that is likely to cause confusion about the origin of any product, service, technology or other offering.

Do not copy or imitate the Plantronics trade dress, which is the "look and feel" of Plantronics packaging, logos and website.

Do not use Plantronics trademarks more prominently than your business name on any materials such as brochures, websites and other marketing communications or materials.

Do not include Plantronics trademarks or terms similar to Plantronics trademarks as part of your company name, product name, or in a domain name registration.

Questions? Contact the Plantronics trademark team at