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How to remove the batteries from your Plantronics product

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Some Plantronics products include batteries that can be removed and fall into one of the following categories:

Products that include a battery with a connector.
Batteries with connectors are commonly internal; they will be attached to the product with a small connector. Once you unplug the connector you will be able to install a new battery or reinstall the existing one.

Products that include a slidable battery
Most slidable batteries are external and become a removable part of the body of the product. After locating the battery, slide it off to remove it, then, you can install a new battery or reinstall the existing one. 

Products that include a disposable battery 
Some products include disposable batteries that can be easily replaced, locate the battery compartment and remove the installed batteries, after this, you can install new batteries or reinstall the existing ones.

Note that some models are exceptions to this rule. Those models have specific battery removal instructions in their user guides