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M100 Troubleshooting: No lost connection voice alert

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Why don't I hear the "lost connection" voice alert?


Basic Description If you manually disconnect the headset using the cell phone's Bluetooth menu, you do not hear the "lost connection" voice alert. Product M100 Cell Phone(s) Affected
  • HTC Nexus One
  • Nokia E71 200.21.012 26-06-2009 RM-493
  • Nokia E75
Associated Cell Phone(s) Affected Nokia E71x V 03.27 Resolution None Workaround Find an option within the cell phone to turn off the feature to play tones when a key is pressed. Steps to Reproduce
  1. Pair and connect the headset to the cell phone.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth menu, and disconnect the headset from the cell phone (headset should be paired, but not connected).
  3. The phone disconnects the headset, but there is no "lost connection" voice alert.
Basic Cause The headset opens a dummy voice data link (SCO) at the same time that the "lost connection" prompt is played, which cuts off the voice alert message. Date Raised 21 July 2010