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Voyager 510-USB/.Audio 910/.Audio 920: Supported Softphones

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PerSonoCall® comes on a CD-ROM with Voyager 510-USB, .Audio 910 or .Audio 920. It is not required to use Voyager 510-USB, .Audio 910 or .Audio 920, but it provides extra functionality if you are using one of the following softphones on your PC:
  • Cisco - IP communicator 2.0
  • Avaya - IP softphone / IP Agent
  • Skype
  • Shoretel - ShoreTel 8
  • Pingtel - xpressa
  • Yahoo! - Messenger
  • AOL - Instant Messenger - Support now REMOVED in 2.11.7 due to unresolvable issues
  • New 3cx VOIP Phone
The following softphones require you to install PerSonoCall, but you do not have to run it (the correct dll files are installed from PerSonoCall, which the softphone then uses).
  • Counterpath X-lite
  • Counterpath Bira
  • Counterpath eyebeam
  • NEW LG-Nortel Phontage
The following softphones have the API's written in via the OEM; therefore, PerSonoCall is not required and should not be installed:
  • Aastra 2380ip
  • Alcatel PIMPhony >V5.1 / Myphone
  • Alcatel a4980 (DA45 from + hotfix_crms00149802)
  • Alcatel IP desktop softphone (DA45 from onwards)
  • Altigen Softphone
  • Comdial EP200 V>2.0
  • Etrali Vision
  • Elmeg FEC SIP-Serv
  • Intertel IP Softphone 8601 \ 8602
  • NEC SP30
  • IP Blue VT Go >V2.10
  • Harpax VOISPEED
  • Main Sequence IP softphone >V1.1.500
  • Nortel 2050 version >3.01.0062
  • Shortel5
  • SywxIT
  • Toshiba SoftIPT >V2.2
  • Toshiba Net Phone >V5.0
  • Uno Software SmartAttendant >V1.5
Firstly, you can set PerSonoCall to start and stop Voyager audio automatically only when you make a call on your softphone. Switching off audio to the headset when you are not using the phone can optimize talk-time on the Voyager headset. Secondly, PerSonoCall enables you to answer and end softphone calls by pressing the button on the boom of the Voyager headset. It does this by communicating with the softphone application, so you should allow PerSonoCall to auto-run on Windows startup.